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Women's Retreats

Step into the heartwarming memories of our past women's retreats! Explore the joy, laughter, and growth that have defined our gatherings.

Join us in creating more unforgettable moments of sisterhood and self-discovery. Your journey awaits – let's make more memories together!

I am A Good Thing


The focus of the three-day retreat was on prayer strategy and the pursuit of living according to the biblical principles set by God for women.

Throughout the retreat, discussions revolved around ways to encourage one another through prayer, sisterhood, and sharing testimonies.


Attendees had the opportunity to hear from dynamic women of God who led small groups and facilitated life-changing power sessions.

Prayers For My Husband


Capturing the heartfelt moments from our Prayers For My Husband retreat in 2022.


Sharing these cherished photos that reflect the spiritual journey and sisterhood experienced during this special time.

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