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Public Speaker 

Estrella Rogers

Hi! I'm Estrella Rogers, but you can call me Coach Star.

Estrella Rogers is an international public speaker, relationship coach and author of "Prayers For My Husband" - a 30-day prayer journal written to guide you in intentional prayers for your husband. As well as being the founder of Lovers Lane Couples Program, Estrella is committed to empowering couples to reconnect, and build a deeper emotional connection resulting in a happier and healthier relationship.


  • Creating A Vision For Your Marriage

  • The Starting Point For Lasting Change

  • Avoiding Common Communication Traps

  • Navigating Through Difficult Times

  • How To Have A More Connected And Fulfilling Relationship

  • Exercises And Tools To Help Improve Communication

  • Putting The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

  • How To Fall In Love With Your Spouse All Over Again

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