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Reignite Program

  • 27Weeks
  • 11Steps


During this program, we will set goals and create a strategy for your partnership. Participants will take the Gottman Assessment throughout this program and receive worksheets and assignments for each module to help REIGNITE your love. Each module represents a letter in the word REIGNITE. R - Reevaluate and assess where you are in your relationship E - Enhance and rebuild friendship: Building knowledge of one another, likes, dislikes, getting to know who the other person is in the present, understanding they are not who they were. I - Instilling tools for healthy communication-understanding perspective, how to start a conversation, active listening. G - Growing emotional connection, attunement, and trust-building. (Finding more profound meaning in conversation, listening to hear and understand, making your spouse feel heard.) N - Nurture and care for your relationship by prioritizing it, for example, providing date night ideas, text ideas, ways to nurture and show your relationship matters. I - Intimacy in your relationship matters. How to increase intimacy in your relationship - let's talk about sex. T - Trusting each other to maintain and implement changes. Relapse prevention skills. E - Enjoy the new US! Move forward with skills and tools learned in REIGNITE program.

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